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LED Grow Lights

BoulderLamp, Inc. (BLI), has a decade of experience in researching and innovating full spectrum light which mimics sunlight. BLI was the first to introduce standalone 315W CMH and LED augmented 315W grow light systems in the U.S. market.

BLI is proud to introduce a color augmenting LED light that brings high reliability and high efficiency grow light solutions for indoor, vertical farm, and greenhouse growers.

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Why BLI Grow Lights?

Light Spectrum

Our Color Augmenting LED grow light utilizes top bin 100% OSRAM white and red horticulture LEDs to create optimized sunlike full spectrum for faster growth and bigger harvests.

Design Simplicity

Our lights are easy to install:
modular and daisy chain connections can also be dimmed using off-the-shelf 0-10V dimmer.
LED driver architecture allows on demand wireless communications.


Lower cost of ownership due to our innovative design structures. Single bar quick attach modular system also allows “add as you grow” low cost expansion architecture.

Built in Colorado

Colorado has added many pioneering innovations to indoor and greenhouse cultivations.
We know a thing or two about how to build quality grow light products.

High Efficiency Grow Light Solutions for
Indoor, Vertical Farms and Greenhouse Growers

High Efficiency Grow Light Solutions for Indoor, Vertical Farms, and Greenhouse Growers

Our Success Stories

BoulderLamp, Inc. provides a tailored and custom solution for your lighting needs.

Commercial Custom Site & Greenhouse Design
Modular Custom Design
Support & Education

Legion of Bloom

BoulderLamp, Inc. created the 315W CDL Agro + LED for conscious cultivators like the Legion of Bloom.

The 315W CDL Agro + LED mixes the spectrums of red OSRAM horticulture LEDs and the 315W Philips Agro Bulb to increase yields.

Front Range Biosciences

Front Range Biosciences is a diverse group of biotech researchers, plant scientists and modern farming experts working together to grow the highest performing hemp, coffee and other high-value crops.

We are happy the BLI Fusion series can help growers and researchers develop new hemp varieties.

Hummingbird Cannabis

Hummingbird Cannabis is passionate about producing craft cannabis because they care about the health and well-being of their customers, employees, and community.

The goal is simple, “To deliver the highest quality product, batch after batch.”