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BLI Slimline 315W CDL+LED Agro

BLI Slimline 315W CDL+LED Agro

Slim Form Factor. Height is 3.5 in

$499 $549

Factory Pricing & Volume Discounts Available

  • CMH Light Source: Philips 315W CMH GreenPower™ Lamp
  • LED Light Source: 100% OSRAM Top Bin LED Chips
  • Color Augmenting Technology:  Red LED Augmented Philips 315W Agro Spectrum
  • Dimming: Optional
  • Electrical and Wet Rating: Meets UL Requirements
  • Recommended Mounting Height: 1 to 2ft Above Canopy
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited
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BLI Slimline 315W CDL+LED Agro integrates specific red LEDs into the Slimline CDL 315W light fixture to augment the flowering spectrum of Philips 315W CMH GreenPower™ lamp for boosting crop yield. UVA rich tailored spectrum provides higher yield and potency. Low-Profiling applications can benefit from the BLI Slimline 315W CDL+LED Agro light.

Electrical Specification

North America


Nominal Input Current


Nominal Input Power




Daisy Chained Units per 20A Circuit


General Features


19.5 in x 16.8 in x 3.5 in (495mm x 427mm x 89mm)


11.4 lbs

Coverage Area

Up to 4ft x 2ft


Red LED Augmented Philips 315W Agro Spectrum

Dimension Drawing

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Benefits & Applications


  • Suitable for Both Flowering & Vegetative Stages

  • Increased Yield by up to 20% Compared to Slimline 315W CDL Agro

  • Color Augmentation Technology

  • Tailored Spectrum Provides Optimum Levels of Blue, Green, Yellow & Red Light

  • Philips 315W Agro Spectrum Contains Small Amount of UVA & Far Red Providing High Potency

  • Daisy Chain & Dimming Capabilities

  • High Reliability & Performance


  • Ideal for Conventional Indoor Grow

  • Suitable for Low Ceiling Height

  • Low to Medium Height Greenhouse

  • Suitable for Multi-Tier Application

  • Tent Friendly